MiniFlex 2Mic Model 7, $120 or best offer

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Doug Shaker
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MiniFlex 2Mic Model 7, $120 or best offer

Post by Doug Shaker »

This is a dual mic pickup system for acoustic guitars. I bought it at a Healdsburg Guitar Show in 2011. The box refers to
the model as the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 7.

It is still being made, though in short supply, since the makers were effected by a big fire: ... 18985.html
Check out the reviews for this system on! Nice!

List price for the current implementation of this pickup is $395 and they aren't available in stock anywhere
that I can find. I bought it for $242 taking advantage of a two-for-one show special. I installed the one,
but never had occasion to use the second. I'm cleaning out the workshop and I need one less box in here.

I'm hoping to get $120 for it, but make an offer. I'll pay shipping to the US or Canada. Let's negotiate about shipping
elsewhere. I'll throw in the phantom power unit that I planned to use with it, no charge.

Doug Shaker
-Doug Shaker
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