Anti-Static Plastic Pickguard Material

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Ron Larson
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Anti-Static Plastic Pickguard Material

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My Epiphone Sheraton 2 has a plastic pickguard that generates zero static. There is no metalization or ground on the pickguard at all. In the dryest weather I can rub my hand across the guard and no static whatever is audible in the amplifier. Other guitars I have with plastic pickguards all generate plenty of static including Gibson LP, Yamaha SA2200 (expensive semi-hollow body guitar). My question is: Where can I buy anti-static pickguard material? Evidently Epiphone has a source. I have searched extensively on the internet and found nothing suitable. And in case you are wondering, yes, I know I can wipe the pickguard with a dryer sheet to reduce static. That is not a permanent solution but does work fairly well. I am looking for a permanent solution like that of Epiphone. The Epiphone pickguard is tortoise shell, semi-transparent, and not laminated. I mention that in the hope that others may have run across the same material and know a source for it.

What is unique about anti-static plastic? Carbon or other somewhat conductive material is mixed in with the plastic. This prevents static build-up when the picking hand rubs across the plastic. I know some plastic manufacturers make anti-static plastic material for industry. None that I've found would be suitable for guitars.

I know I can prevent most of the static electrical noise by putting conductive tape on the back of the pickguard and grounding it to the guitar electronics. That does work and I've done it on some guitars with good success. That is time consuming and installing a ground wire is sometimes problematic. You can ground the pickguard to any available ground wire but sometimes this means drilling a hole to access the ground connection.
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