Bass Truss Rod Length

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John E Giarrizzo
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Bass Truss Rod Length

Post by John E Giarrizzo »

11:59 AM 4/13/2023

Hello all. Been years since I posted here or made any instruments --- violins and one classical guitar.

I am buliding a Jazz bass replica. I am having a difficult time finding a spoked wheel truss rod.

I purchased a stewmac 20.25 duel action spoked rod. It is too long for my 20 fret neck/finger board. Stewmac was kind enough to answer all my questions. Their rod is for a 22 fret bass. The rod supplied came in at 24.50

Length of my fingerboard: Nut to end = 23-13/16". This is in close agreement with a couple of drawings that I saw online.
Truss Rod too long.jpg
A standard fender type truss rod custom cut to length is available, but it requires a curved slot and I do not want to weaken the peg head by adjusting there.

I really want a spoked wheel at the body end. I think that a 24 inch maximum overall length will work. Maybe even slightly less. Along with two carbon fiber rods. Or second choice --- possibly a 23" duel action slotted right angle screw driver accessible at the body.

I was even trying to figure out how to rework the 24.5 Stewmac. I don't think that is possible --- easily that is.

By the way --- I am building this bass using exclusively wood from my old piano, except for finger board. I built a violin from this wood in 2012 ... ump#p14526 ... ood+violin



Body Front and Back.jpg
JEG IMG_4383 Ed01.jpg
After planing and removing veneer exposing core
and separating some individual pieces
IMG_4429 01.jpg
IMG_4430 01.jpg
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