Les Paul Gold Top Shattered Neck

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Les Paul Gold Top Shattered Neck

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I'm an experienced luthier (23 years). I have managed several repairs as well because, as you know, 23 years doesn't come without numerous mistakes. I've successfully repaired holes in the back and sides, snapped off headstocks, broken truss rod replacement, etc.

I inherited this guitar from a dear friend who passed a few years ago.The subject in question is a 1970's Gold Top. Gibson used the same number series in the 50's and the 70's. (what is it with these companies and their screwy identification methods?). The instrument itself is in good shape. It has been mostly gutted but that is a easy, if not spendy, fix.

The problem is the neck. The guitar took a tumble down steep stairs to land on a concrete landing. It is "shattered" vertically from the neck/headstock joint to about the (visibly the 8th fret. To be safe, I would suspect their is under-surface damage as well.

I want to preserve the integrity of the guitar and not go through the process of manufacturing a new (thus, not authentic) neck.

Thankfully, most of the wood remains. There is at least one hole missing its wood. It will be a pain in the ass, but I have a lot of Mahogany and am confident I can find a piece to make it invisible.

But fixing a neck practically split in two or more sections, is daunting. Also, the fretboard leans to the treble side in this state. the natI don't know if that is the natural inclination of the wood or if the truss rod has something to do with it.

Please advise. This is a big fish for me to haul on board. I hope you can help! See Pictures.

Please see my follow-up post for remaining pictures:

Les Paul Gold Top Shattered Neck II

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