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The MIMForum Bass Project

The MIMForum Bass Project was born on July 24th, 2001, when Larry Davis of Gallery Hardwoods posted this message on our Forum:

I was just hammering nails into a crate when a HUGE light bulb went off just over my head...... Thank goodness, 'cause I could then see I had the nail head on the wood and was driving the pointy end with the hammer....

Along with the light bulb was this huge flashing neon sign, " MIMF Guitar Auction". What I'm thinking is the MIMF folks get together and decide on some instrument to custom build for the MIMF and auction off as a fund raiser for the forum. Maybe it's to much, really, to ask for building time donations????? The auction could run for a month to get really good coverage??????

If it's not such a crazy idea let's here from some folks. I for one, would donate the wood needed....No BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD :) (except fingerboards or bridges or headstock or....)

And so, we were off. We decided to build a solidbody bass built from plans drawn by longtime MIMForum member and teacher Bill Moll for our online bass-building courses. Bill also did the finish work on the bass.

These plans, for a 4- 5- or 6-string fretted or fretless bass, are available for sale if you want to build your own.


MIMForum volunteer staff member Mark Swanson took on the task of organizing the project. All the wood for the bass was donated by member Larry Davis of Gallery Hardwoods. The body is made up of layers of myrtle, ebony, bubinga and black limba, carefully chosen by Larry for the best match.


Barry Daniels made the neck


Dale Belcher made the body


Bill Machrone made this bridge of his own design. Note how the action adjustment works with just the one setscrew which moves the whole saddle section up and down


Amy Hopkins designed the inlay on both the peghead and fretboard, and did the peghead inlay.


Mark Swanson did the fretboard inlay.


Jason Lollar made the pickups, and their solid ebony covers.


Julian Barton made the ebony and brass knobs.


Larry Clinton made the brass cover plate


MIMForum sponsor Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply contributed the tuners, case, and a couple of sets of strings.

Victor Wooten liked our bass! His exact words were, "This Bass seems to be of top notch quality, has a good sound and a good feel. It will make someone very happy. Great work guys. Peace, Vic."

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